Our Promise

5 Year Joinery Warranty

In the unlikely event that any part of the joinery medium deteriorates due to selection process, remedial work will be carried out to correct the situation.

5 Year Workmanship Warranty

All works carried out during the installation of the conservatory are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. Should the occasion arise that repair or remedial work become apparent due to lack of care during installation, we undertake to carry out such work as is necessary.

1 Year Hardware Warranty

All handles, locks and ironmongery used in the product range are guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing failure.

5 Year Glass Warranty

All the insulated glazing units used in the manufacture of our product ranges are guaranteed for 5 years against the hermetic seal failing. (As per independent guarantee).

Aftercare Maintenance

All due care should be taken in maintaining the product. All moving parts should be lightly oiled regularly and door locks oiled where applicable. All visible parts on espagnolettes should be wiped with a lightly oiled cloth a minimum of twice per annum. Paint work should be checked annually and wiped down periodically to alleviate the build-up of dirt and grease. Standard Glass should be cleaned with a proprietary glass cleaning liquid or soapy water. Please read the separate maintenance sheet.