Traditional Timber Greenhouses

A traditional wooden greenhouse adds a unique feature to your property. It also creates a new space to enjoy your home, especially for homeowners that enjoy gardening or growing fruits and vegetables.

Customised Timber Greenhouses

We design, supply and install traditional timber greenhouses. Our bespoke greenhouses are built with quality timber and other materials, including sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. Timber can be finished in a colour of your choice using high performance stains and paints that protect the wood from the elements. Our greenhouse experts also design structures in various sizes that fit perfectly with your house, garden or lawn. Inside, greenhouses can be customised to meet your needs. We can incorporate shelving, staging, internal partitions and other personalised features.

Timber greenhouses are available in a range of traditional styles. Victorian greenhouses typically feature larger timber profiles and ornate details, while popular Edwardian designs are simpler with more glass panelling. Victorian designs may include elements from other classical architectural styles, including Gothic revival. Other rustic and classic designs are also available, and we speak with all of our clients to design their ideal greenhouse. Although the look of our traditional timber greenhouses is classic, we integrate modern materials and technology into all of our constructions. This includes glazing that maximises energy efficiency and automated features to open vents and operate other components.


Greenhouses can be freestanding or ‘lean-to’ structures. Freestanding greenhouses are not attached to your property, which may require additional electrical and plumbing work to supply the structure with heat and water. Lean-to greenhouses are attached to your property to create a beautiful extension for your home. This type of structure can be attached to a section of the property or along the length of an exterior wall. Whatever your design or style preferences, we will create a greenhouse with stunning classical features that seamlessly complements your property.

Professional and Reliable Workmanship

All of our greenhouse experts provide options that respect both your time and budget. We deliver quick installations that minimise disruption to your schedule and property. All of our installations and structures are safe, and are backed by guarantees. Our greenhouses include five-year glass, joinery and workmanship guarantees. They also include a one-year hardware warranty for any handles, locks and other hardware. We are also happy to offer ongoing aftercare maintenance services. For more information about our eye-catching timber greenhouses, contact us today for a quote and details.